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Are you travelling to Spain and want reliable cell phone access? Your own cell phone will likely not work in Spain because they use different cellular networks and have cellular access services specific to those counties. Your CDMA based cell phone is not a good option. You can choose a GSM Cell phone rental, but you'll be locked into a contract and be liable for the GSM phone itself. The cost of GSM cell phone rental in Spain prohibitive, and often costs more than buying a GSM phone which you can use again and again in any country you're travelling. A prepaid GSM sim card is troublesome since you have to call a number and wait for a call back.

To enjoy carefree cell phone usage in Australia, you'll need an GSM cell phone and a SIM card. The SIM card allows you to identify yourself to the cell network in that country, stores your numbers, allows others to call you at a specific number, and allows you to buy and store minutes. With RoamSimple's SIM Cards, you'll enjoy these benefits and you won't run out of minutes in some remote location. More minutes can be charged to your credit card.We have a European SIM Card, a UK GSM SIM Card, France GSM SIM Card, Italy GSM Sim Card, Germany GSM SIM Card all in one. No matter where you're travelling from Dusseldorf to Berlin and onto London, Rome and Paris, RoamSimple has the only European SIM GSM Card you'll need.

To make international cell phone calls in Australia you will need an unlocked GSM cell phone. Sometimes called world phones, global phones, GSM SIM phones, mobile phones or travel phones, GSM phones operate on 4 frequency ranges but most commonly on 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz frequencies. They are a big improvement on older CDMA technology which had many limitations. A proprietary locked GSM phone service from Nextel, Cingular, Virgin Mobile or T-mobile many not have good connections in various countries and their minute prices may be much higher. You don't have be trapped in a proprietary GSM service with that providers limited range of cell phones. Buy the right phone and get the best service plan such as Roamsimple's GSM service plans.

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RoamSimple is the easy, hassle free GSM cell phone and GSM SIM Card solution for world travellers

Global System for Mobile Communications as it is called is the most common cell phone transmission signal standard Internationally. It is used by more than 2 billion people worldwide and that number will only grow as mobile communications infrastructure is improved in Asia, India, and South America. GSM allows advanced signals that enable data communication and high quality voice clarity.

GSM phones are just like your current cell phone with the exception of a sim card slot. This slot is where the separate SIM card is inserted. The card actually activates the phone service and identifies you as a subscriber on the recognized network. The phone searches for cells in the vicinity which may be of 4 different frequencies. When it finds a cell, it requests a connection using the information in the SIM card -- the IMSI data. The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card) contains account information about the service and subscriber (the IMSI data). The individual operator networks in a country can identify the card as legitimate with the use of this International Mobile Subscriber Identity code. Mobile operators connect mobile phone calls and communicate with their market SIM cards using this IMSI data contained in the card.

Some providers such as RoamSimple, offer GSM Phone SIM Card packages that give you an all in one solution. That's very convenient since you'll know the GSM phone and SIM card are compatible and will work in the particular country or region you're travelling to. Some GSM phones may even have GPS navigation capabilities. Get your UK GSM phone sim card package here.

Unlocked GSM Phones

Major brands such as Motorola gsm phones, Nokia gsm phones, NEC gsm phones, Audiovox gsm phones, Sony Ericsson gsm phones, Samsung gsm phones, Panasonic gsm phones, LG gsm phones, Palm One GSM phones, and Blackberry gsm phones. These brand name products are often used exclusively by the major cell service providers such as Orange, O2, Virgin Mobile, Nextel, Bell, Rogers, and Cingular, yet the services are often restricted to a particular type of phone. The GSM phone or the SIM card may be "locked" and can't be used with another carrier. These restrictions can be very annoying, and there may be requirements for further payments to the service provider if the customer wishes to unlock the phone. A smarter choice for consumers are unlocked GSM phones which allow choice as to which SIM card carrier service they would like to go with, thus to access better service in that particular country or to enjoy better international GSM roaming rates.

Check out RoamSimple's array of GSM phones and GSM SIM Cards, particularly the combined GSM phone sim card packages for great savings before you take your trip to Spain.

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