Virgin Mobile Sim Cards

Virgin Mobile is one of the UK's largest telecommunications services providers providing proprietary cell phone service plans. Virgin's phone call rates to North America are a little steep but perhaps the biggest drawbacks to Virgin GSM Cell phone plans is the binding service contract and that you may face service restrictions in certain countries (service not available for roaming). You may not appreciate the charges for calls within the UK either.

A much better UK GSM Cell Phone service is RoamSimple. Roamsimple's GSM Sim Cards work with unlocked GSM cell phones and you don't have to sign a contract or go through a credit check. The simplicity and convenience of RoamSimple's GSM phone SIM Card package means you get everything you need in one package. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you've got the kind of service that lets you roam in Europe and never run out of minutes.

RoamSimple is the easy, hassle free GSM cell phone and SIM Card solution for world travellers. RoamSimple's Euro SIM Card is a UK GSM SIM Card, France GSM SIM Card, Italy GSM Sim Card, Germany GSM SIM Card all in one. No matter where you're travelling from Dusseldorf to Berlin and onto London, Rome and Paris, RoamSimple has the only GSM Card you'll need.

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SIM cards are often known as removable smart cards. They are small sized plastic cards with built-in, printed, circuitry making them compatible with mobile cellular devices such as mobile computers and cell phones. SIM cards store the service-subscriber keys (IMSI) which identifies each GSM subscriber. The SIM card allows users to change phones by simply removing the SIM card from one mobile phone and inserting it into another mobile phone or broadband telephony device. If you're using your card on your friend's phone, the cell provider will charge your card/account for the call.

GSM phones and SIM cards come as packaged products giving you a complete communications solution while you're travelling. Some cards will work in particular countries, while others are international sim cards allowing cell communications in every country with services. It is best to check with GSM Sim card providers to ensure the card you're considering purchasing will work in your destination region and country. If you're travelling through Europe, the European cell card is a handy solution as you travel from the UK to France, Italy, Spain and on through Germany, Austria, to Denmark, and Belgium. It's the best alternative to Virgin Mobile GSM phones and Virgin Mobile SIM Cards. If you've tried Cingular SIM Cards, Nextel SIM Cards, T-Mobile SIM Cards, 02 SIM Cards, or Orange SIM cards, you'll find RoamSimple is a better GSM SIM Card alternative.

Check out RoamSimple's GSM Cell Phones and SIM Card products. There's no telling how much air time you'll need when you're travelling. Many people don't buy enough air time and run out and have to scramble to get more minutes. With RoamSimple, you never run out because extra low cost minutes can be charged to your credit card. Now you can enjoy your trip and not worry about losing contact with your family in the UK or back in North America. You're a long way from home, but never out of touch with RoamSimple.

RoamSimple has the best value in GSM Cell phones and GSM SIM Cards. Get them in an all in one package for complete peace of mind when you travel in the UK.

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