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o2 Telefonica

Roam Simple introduces the World SIM Card for BlackBerry smartphones. Save up to 50% off international BlackBerry data roaming charges and up to 80% off international voice roaming charges. Roam Simple offers support for both BlackBerry® Internet Service and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server users.

  • International data savings with data rates priced on a per kb basis
  • International airtime savings with call rates as low as $0.39 per minute
  • Dual number option (UK and USA or Canadian Number)
  • Custom Corporate, Student and Military Services Data and Voice Rates. Please Call 1 (866) 572 7699
The Roam Simple Advantage
  • Coverage and Service available on all of the best and most reliable networks Globally
  • Seamless coverage Globally with one SIM card
  • A direct dialing experience on a world class network o2 Telefonica
  • Post-paid billing convenience means you do not have to pre-pay for minutes in advance. All airtime charges incurred will be directly billed to your credit card
  • No connection charges, No monthly fees and No hidden fees
  • No roaming fees and No long distance charges
  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls in the UK
  • LOW airtime rates for incoming, local and international calling Globally
  • Unlimited FREE incoming text messages Globally
  • Voicemail service included
  • Complete Welcome Kit detailing your cell phone number and User Guide (in English) with dialing & voicemail instructions
  • Keep the service for future travel. Service valid for 12 months (Option to renew service for an additional 12 months for only $9)
  • Please Note: Not Operational with BB 10 OS Handsets.
Airtime Rates

Note: All calls are billed per minute in full minute increments. Text messages are billed per message basis. Incoming calls include calls answered by voicemail. Unlike any other service available Roam Simple World BlackBerry SIM card features Data charges billed on a per KB basis with no minimum usage requirements and no incremental data block charges! (Data usage includes incoming unread emails)

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Roam Simple offers post-paid billing which allows you to use your international cellular service without worrying about pre-paying for airtime credit. Roam Simple will directly bill your pre-approved credit card for any airtime usage you incur one week following your usage.

Need Assistance? Call us toll free at 1.866.572.7699 or at [email protected]